Vote for Marv Hagedorn for Lt. Governor of Idaho

Meet Marv Hagedorn: Candidate for Lt. Governor

Marv Hagedorn is running for Lieutenant Governor in the great state of Idaho. May 15, 2018 is the primary election for Lt. Governor and Marv Hagedorn needs your help to put him in office.

This Republican candidate spent 20 years in the Navy working with Naval Intelligence. After that, he devoted his energies to building two international companies into multimillion-dollar brands. He has extensive leadership experience running large, multi-faceted organizations.

For the past 10 years, Marv Hagedorn has been serving Idaho in the House of Representatives and the Senate. If you’re looking for an experienced politician who will put your priorities first, Marv Hagedorn is your candidate. Learn more about how you can contribute!

Call 208-871-3617 to learn more, or to get involved in the campaign.

Support the Marv Hagedorn campaign

If you want to make positive change in your Idaho community, join the Marv Hagedorn campaign. We need volunteers to make phone calls, distribute advertisements, donate money and maintain our social media presence.

Call our campaign team at 208-871-3617 to start contributing to the Marv Hagedorn for Lt. Governor campaign in Idaho.

Marv Hagedorn serves in support of wounded veterans

The Wyakin Foundation is a nonprofit organization that serves wounded veterans. As a veteran himself, Marv Hagedorn is passionate about taking care of the men and women who have risked their lives to protect the United States. The Foundation:

  • Helps veterans develop professionally
  • Provides resources for networking and career planning
  • Designs programs to redevelop a sense of purpose and self-identity

Help Marv Hagedorn help our veterans by supporting his campaign. Call 208-871-3617 to learn more.