Education, Talent for the 21st Century

Education, Talent for the 21st Century

The success of Idaho’s economic development is directly linked to our investment in a skilled workforce. College is not for everyone, trades are not for everyone, military service is not for everyone. But preparation for meaningful employment and skills are for most everyone.

Idaho, from a policy standpoint has become so focused on sending every child to a 4-year college, we’ve forgotten what we cannot forget, the trades! Currently, even high-paying Idaho trades are having difficulty recruiting new talent. It is time we took a strategically integrated approach to our workforce development, and overall education efforts. This including investing in Idaho’s schools and teachers - but we must also ensure a return on that investment.

Marv believes that by facilitating communication between supply (educators) and demand (business), Idaho can create the innovative overall education platform that we are missing. As Lt. Governor, Marv will champion these efforts. This means establishing a working network between Idaho's business leaders - those in the professions and the trades - with educators at all levels and in all areas. This coalition, including the Departments of Commerce and Education will result in an education system that can help better prepare and position Idahoans for their futures.

If Idaho wants to compete in today's fast moving world, it must set its own standards in education, quality of life, healthcare and more, exceeding the national averages.

Federalization of Idaho's Schools
Marv opposes the federalization of our K-12/pre K-12 education system, and believes in local parental control of our public schools. To its credit, Idaho has been a leader in school choice. Marv supports that choice and will continue to support choice through charter schools, home school, traditional public schools, and online education.